Special Occasions – Hog Roast Machine Hire

Special Occasions – Hog Roast Machine Hire, when planning your special occasion whether it’s an anniversary or party or a gathering of family and friends we can provide a range of catering to meet your budget.  At the heart of our menu planning is the hog roast providing a centre piece to your celebrations.

Our slow roasted joints come with a variety of herbs and dressings to enhance flavours and provide the best and tastiest range of food.

All our meat and salads are served to your guests either as buffets or as a sit down menu.  We serve a number of courses as you require from entrees to desserts with cheese boards.  Our hog roasters can cook anything that you can achieve on barbecues or we can provide specialist foods in our own kitchens.  Look out for our specialities such as roasted venison, wild boar and our pork menus.

Have a look at some of our menus and start to choose your menu plans.  Contact our planners for a free no obligation quote.  Alternatively tell us your budget and we will provide a menu that will meet your requirements.  Use the Enquiry form or the Contact sheet and we will contact you back .